How to Report Suspicious Emails

Please report suspicious emails by using the Report Phish button in your Outlook Client or Webmail browser.  More information about the Report Phish button may be foud in this knowledge base article


If you are unable to use the Report Phish button, please report suspicious emails by forwarding them to


If you forward the message to, please include the full email headers or forward the raw email as an attachment so we have more information to analyze.


  • For information regarding how to forward an email as an attachment from different email clients in use at UO, visit this knowledge-base article.
  • For information on how to view the email source take a look at this additional knowledge-base article.


UO Information Security Office staff and other IT staff monitor the above email account. We can answer any questions you have about a specific message. Although you may not receive an immediate response, be asured we have received your report.